Nordic Brand

Quality swimwear





Design office: Helsinki, Finland.

Fabric production: In Milan, Italy.

Design manufacture: Barcelona, Spain. 






 7% EA

Quality is essential for sustainable consumption.

Brissus designs and produces high quality swimsuits. We do not use lining fabric. Our swimsuits are made of double polyamide fabric with 22% lycra, this gives it great durability and elasticity, so it adapts perfectly to the body and provides great comfort of movement. In addition to the high quality of our polyamide, which has UV, chlorine protection, easy to wash the grease from bronzers, and high quality sewing with reinforced seams. All this gives our swimwear great durability.

Details and Ornaments

We use glass stones, ceramics, and nickel-free metals. If you lose them by accident, they will not harm the environment; They will end up as beautiful sands on the beaches. However, you can also recycle them by giving them a new use, making bracelets or recycling in the appropriate container for metals or glass.

Labeling and Packing 

The labeling stickers are recycled cardboard. The label can be placed in the paper container.

The packaging bag is made of Organic cotton, and it is biodegradable.

Delivery packing is made of recycled cardboard.

Hygienic Protection Strip 

Made of paper, therefore, is a biodegradable material and should be deposited in the paper container once it is removed from the swimsuit.