Mentions of Brissus Brand in International Magazines 

BRISSUS is a young company, which has started its journey at the beginning of 2018 and we have arrived to stay. We want to grow gradually in the summer fashion sector, adding to our collection more models successively. We believe conscientiously in sustainability, and we think that there is no turning back; Our planet does not have a second chance and there is not planet B for us, the pollution of our oceans by plastics worries us the same as you, and we think that any new product that is produced must be sustainable and comply with ecological standards. We also have a clear concept in the design of the BRISSUS collection and we love of doing things well.

If you are responsible or communicator in a publication related to sustainability or fashion, do not hesitate to count on us. We love to cooperate and give you the information you need for your articles.


2020 Interview for the Digital Magazine Fashion Space.





Brissus been at present in International Fairs 



MAREDAMARE (Florence, Italy)



Fashion Show:


TENEFIFE FASHION BEACH (Tenerife, Canary Islands)