Sustainable Design

We create Design, fashion is not any more sustainable.


"The Brissus woman is a woman committed to the environment and ethical principles; she is a woman who values sustainable design, intelligent, sensitive and passionate about its principles"


Beach & Yacht Collection

This collection designed for an active woman and lover of the most classic water sports and an explorer in search of the most paradisaical beaches in the most remote places on the planet. The maximum comfort and freedom of movement sought in the fabrics used and the cut. This collection is ideal for a tireless traveling woman who needs a quality garment that provides great comfort when it comes to enjoying all the sports and situations that may arise during her vacation.

Sensual & Sportive Collection

This collection has been designed carefully to remember the best moments by the sea. A swimsuit that is simple and light, but fulfills the function of almost clothing. A swimsuit that gives us the security and freedom to enjoy water sports, feeling protected and without the fear of losing the swimsuit or bikini. Being a polyamide or polyester garment, it gives us good perspiration during training sessions out of the water. Thought for a woman who assiduously practices a water sport or who enjoys the beach during her sports sessions by the seaside, and then ends her session with a swim. The collection is designed for women who practice Surf, Wind Surf, Sub Board, Beach Volley, Beach Running, Beach Gym, Beach Yoga, Kite surfing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Jet Ski, Sailing or any leisure activities in a Water Park.

Pool & Party Collection

This Brissus collection is the sexiest and glamorous because all women have those moments in which we want to enjoy a more festive way. We will always have parties next to the pool, the beach, the yacht or on a cruise, so we can not forget in our closet a swimsuit or a bikini for those special occasions of which we will keep a photo as a souvenir. This collection Pool & Party does not stop being a comfortable and practical collection, because we like that you be able to jump and dance in those wonderful heels.