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The industry of fashion in Spain is very dynamic, especially in terms of a new boom of small fashion brands. "Spain branding" for fashion is not especially distinguished in the world for its Haute Couture firms, but there are some very important Pret Porter firms, important franchising chain stores, and a large number of small brands that design and manufacture in Spain for the general public. As for design, both in garments, footwear, and leather goods, they have great international acceptance, both designers and firms for large audiences. If there is something that distinguishes Spanish design and fashion, it is its creative tandem between "Creativity and practicality". Other common denominators are the quality of the clothing, a good pattering of the garments, the proposals for new materials, and a spectrum of colors. Spanish designers and firms make a great effort to produce creative collections comfortable to wear.

Having said that, let's get into the topic we are dealing with in this post "Swimwear Spain" Spanish Swimsuits. Spain is a country with the advantage of having practically its entire territorial border by the sea and ocean, in addition to being a country with a very warm climate during most of the year in its coastal areas, besides it has islands like the Canary Islands where practically the only season is summer. The fact that Spain has regions in warm latitudes has influenced its expansion in the tourism sector, is one of the leading tourist destinations worldwide, especially towards coastal destinations. Swimwear has grown quite a bit in recent years, not only in search of the local market, since Spaniards increasingly enjoy their vacations by the sea, but also focused on foreign tourists who visit the destinations of the coast.

Quality Made in Spain and ethics.

A large range of companies and designers specialized in swimwear have emerged around this demand in shops and boutiques. One of the catwalks specialized in exclusive swimwear has risen on the island of Tenerife, with an international catwalk called "Tenerife Fashion Beach" which is held annually. Besides, in all the fashion fairs in Spain for the summer seasons, there are specific areas where the Swimwear collections are exhibited. This has allowed small workshops, firms, and designers to bet on the creation of swimwear and resort collections.

The fashion swimwear workshops in Spain are quite specialized and practically only dedicate themselves to the fashion of this type of swim cloth, this means that their manufacture operators are used to making swimwear, they have the machinery and special tools for the manufacture of fabrics made up of lycra and they know the pattering of these garments. Like the rest of the textile sector in Spain, swimwear produced in Spain also aims to offer good quality clothing, originality, color, and practical design. "Swimwear Spain" is a guarantee of design ethically made in Europe.

Sustainability in the swimwear textile industry

Until now we have mentioned the importance and growth that the textile sector of swimwear is having in Spain at this time and the reasons that have driven this industry towards its growth. However, it should be mentioned that being a part of the Spanish textile industry at its peak thanks to the great demand for swimwear, it is also an industry that needs synthetic yards produced from petroleum, such fabrics as polyester, polyamides, and elastane yard. Elasticity, lightness, and quick-drying is only possible with this type of synthetic fabrics produced from these materials, and they are the basis of the creation of swimsuits.

When we talk about synthetic materials produced by finite resources such as oil, we cannot talk about sustainable fashion or design because we are depleting resources on our planet. Unfortunately in Spain, the vast majority of swimwear production is produced from non-sustainable fabrics. Little by little, more companies committed to sustainability appears to be more aware of the important role they play in our fragile ecosystem, as well as the responsibility they have in the demand for yarns, fabrics, production, and their offer to the consumer of more ecological and sustainable garments.

A great solution to the disproportionate use we make of plastic in endless ways has been the production of polyester and polyamides produced from plastic waste, especially bags, soft plastics, and bottles. The new textile industry has taken an interest in recycling and not only in plastics that have been properly disposed of in landfills but also in plastics that are indiscriminately and unconsciously dumped into the sea. Companies, volunteers, and organizations committed to improving the quality of the seas and the environment play a great role in this recycling chain.

Therefore, it is important that the consumer is well informed and they be aware of who has the last word when it comes to consuming textile products. The next time you need to buy a swimsuit, consider the environmental factor, as well as the design and quality. If we want a better world, let's start by improving ourselves.

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