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At BRISSUS we enjoy keeping you informed about everything related to our ecological swimsuits, and bikinis. We find it interesting the idea of understanding where the concept of sustainable fashion comes from, and how it has become so widespread in recent decades. In this article you will discover the origin, and meaning of the concept of sustainable fashion promoted, and commercialized by the textile industry.



What is Fashion?

Let's face it, is Fashion a sustainable concept? Fashion is a fairly recent consumer concept that has been promoted, and marketed by the textile industry to multiply its sales every season. Fashion is to reinvent, rediscover, transform, and cover what is already designed, is to give a seasonal character to a garment, based on suggesting trends in its colors, prints, button-ons, lengths, types of fabric, and endless details that make up a garment. The idea of Fashion itself is to popularize, and make a trend garment's crowd. This is to develop production reduction policies such as reducing fabric quality and clothing.

How this concept originated

In fact, we can say that it was the textile industry that led the globalization and decentralization movement in the search for lower production costs.

A coat is a garment to keep you warm, but it can be interpreted in a thousand ways, it will not stop sheltering even if that model is no longer fashionable next season, maybe next season will take shorter, or other types of breasts will be more popular etc.

If we made history and asked our grandparents the times in the year they bought their garments to wear compared to the new generations; the answer would be that the difference is brutal. Our grandparents bought models-designs that had a utility when it came to clothing, work clothes, holidays or celebrations, and that they could also use on many occasions in the following years. Usually both fabrics and clothing was of very good quality, and the production was very local or national. The truth is that design and dress was sustainable in past generations, no garments were stockpiled in closets, clothes were not cheap, and what was always purchased was with the aim of using it for a long time.

What is sustainable?

We generally understand as sustainable to processes or products that do not harm the environment. Specifically in the world of fashion and design, sustainability is referred to on the basis of the means of obtaining the raw material to produce the garments; textiles can be produced continuously without making much environmental impact. One of the most important things is not to abuse the use of our planet's resources, so raw materials must be reproducible again, reusable or recyclable. In short, leveraging resources by creating minimal environmental impact.


Is Fashion Sustainable ?

Based on what we have clarified before, if we can say that there is Sustainable "Fashion", these being the creations that promote trends every season made with fabrics that meet some of the criteria of the Sustainable concept. However; the fashion concept itself is not sustainable, since fashion represents the obsolescence of clothing for aesthetic reasons. While Design is inventing, creating new concepts, both in clothing and textiles, without the intentionality of being a passing garment, but being a garment with which we identify, it is beautiful and practical; for sample "Jeans". To buy Design is more sustainable than Fashion and if you already buy Sustainable Design, then we can say that you are making a responsible purchase. The ideal eco-buyer should buy Sustainable Design.

Maria Reverón

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