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I intend, without being pretentious to work in what is my profession, which has been creating, designing, but I have decided to do it from now on in a conscious way. Given the fact that technology gives me the possibility, I have decided to do it from the respect to nature; That is why I am joining the small wave of people and companies that want to do something for the change. A small contribution and gratitude for all that our planet gives us. At speed we consume, and at the rate at which the population of our planet grows, I see no other way than to recycle all the materials we use, create things that last longer and by this I mean to put an end to the production system that many companies practice, I talk about the obsolescence in their products. The ideal would be a circular economy and production, where all the materials have a value in their origin as raw material, later on  as a product, but that also have a value at the end of their useful life, being able to make use of that waste again , these residues being a new raw material with which to create new useful objects.

Not all is lost, we can keep positive. 

Who does not keep memories of past times being close to the water element? We have all enjoyed moments by the sea, the river or a lake; Do you remember what you did? How did you enjoy it? Did you fish with a rod, did you swim, sail, Look at the dolphins, play some sport, or sit and watch the movement of the water? Whatever you did, I'm sure that the water made you enjoy beautiful moments, maybe you keep it in your memory, and also you have filled your FB, Instagram or Flickr with your best photos. I want to continue enjoying those moments like you, and I would also like others in the future to experience the same thing that we have enjoyed ourselves. I am as worried as you about the pollution of our waters, whether by chemicals; the invisible ones, the plastics; visible, but also invisible plastics in the form of micro-particles. The fact is that we are making our oceans sick, as well as irresponsibly putting this burden and punishment on wonderful creatures that are not responsible for the bad treatment we give our waters, be oceans, rivers or lakes. We cannot look the other way, we are responsible, and it is in our hands to stop the catastrophe we are causing our planet.

We are in front of a simple task to safeguard our oceans and we can always do something to safe our blue planet. 
I have decided not to look the other way, I have started seriously to make changes in the day to day, things like; consume less, put my garbage in the right container, things like paper, cardboard or plastics in their place and those things, also consume more responsibly, clean the garbage of a beach when I visit it, buy more organic products, with less chemicals, I do not want to be a cynic and say that everything around me is already completely recyclable, ecological and that it does not harm the environment, I certainly do not live like a hippie in a house "outside the system" It is sometimes difficult to find organic products that can replace products that you have been used to or things in a correct packaging, but I already do with the cleaning products and part of the cosmetics that I use, I have also drastically reduced the use of plastics. Let's say that I have managed to reduce my impact on the environment by around 30% -40% in a period of about a year, but it is not enough, and I am still on that path of reaching at least 70% because I think it is practically impossible to reach 100% living in a city and a consumer culture. Luckily I live in Finland, and there are containers for every waste, hopefully out in any other part of the world; then things would be very different, if waste were recycled and treated in the same way in all parts of the planet;  perhaps we were not now at the door of this eminent natural catastrophe that threatens our oceans.

There is a series of highly polluting countries, for one reason or another, places like in the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, there are highly polluting countries with their solid and chemical residues, most of its plastics. Take, for example, India, Bangladesh, where its national cleaning system in a large percentage is to get rid of the waste in the rivers and wait for the rains to arrive so that it takes all that garbage to the sea, far from their eyes. We can do little as individuals about this catastrophe, but we can make changes in our habits and induce companies to look for new ways of producing and packing their products. Also, we can make countries aware of the fact that these countries be sanctioned for this type of pollution, as is the case with pollution with C02.

Our origin was the oceans; if we finish with them, we are also sentencing our end. If something makes this planet earth special and gives it the gift of being habitable, it is thanks to the oceans. Nasa and other space agencies are constantly looking for planets that offer similar characteristics to our planet earth so that they could be inhabited by humans, and with the dream of sending settlers to light years; technically possible? I doubt it, at least for the moment. This reminds me of films like "Efter Earth" starring Will Smith, where humans had to leave the planet to become uninhabitable or "Avatar" directed by James Cameron, in this case, it was humans who colonized another planet in search of resources, and they destroyed nature, mother nature "Gaia" Both films seem surrealist visions, but I do not think so much, I think they approach a realization not very far in time, in a century, two at the most, because at this rate we will make this planet in which we inhabit a totally uninhabitable place, and not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the living beings, plants and creatures that inhabit them, and these beings are not responsible for this catastrophe that is occurring deliberately on the part of humans. Pollution is not a natural catastrophe, which is inevitable, it is a programmed catastrophe, caused by ourselves, but from which we realize slowly, it is like cancer, it slowly expands until it reaches the vital organs of our body, to a state in which little can be done. I think that at this moment the cancer of pollution is already touching the main organ of our planet and this is the oceans, the origin of everything, the very origin of humanity.

Fortunately, science always comes to rescue us and brings us new solutions, but at this rate and the way we consume and dispose of our waste, I believe that science cannot save us. It reminds me a lot of the apocalyptic Dan Brown novel "Inferno" where a mad scientist, wanted to end humanity as the only solution to save the world, I also in the lowest hours also I think it would be the only solution. But then I remember that there are intelligent and sensitive people, who like to love life and the environment in which they live, who are aware that we are responsible for other living beings in nature and that these living beings are not to blame the violations we make to our mother nature "Gaia" We; the most "intelligent" beings of this planet, we are fortunate to have the power to change things, and not only for worse if we propose it, but also for the better. We have the honor of being the "intelligent" creatures of this planet with the ability to care, restore and cure; but it also puts us in the place of being the guardians and responsible for defending the creatures that cannot be defended and that also inhabit our mother "Gaia."

Simple gestures that can lead to positive changes for a sustainable green planet.

Caring for our planet is simpler than we think, just keep in mind a series of reminders; the importance of giving value to what we buy, that we are aware that we should have a life use as long as we can, that when we do not need it we should put it in the correct container so that it can be reusable, leaving the places clean by which we passed, pick up what we know from the ground should not be there, try to reduce the consumption of chemicals by more organic products, reduce the consumption of plastic objects that can be replaced by other less polluting materials, pay for what they really cost things, without pretending to enslave someone so that you can consume more and cheaper. At the political level, demand that governments take action on the issue of how the materials we use should treat in their final cycle and that global awareness of residual contamination is taken. Even more drastic and persuasive measures should be taken with those countries that are not involved in the development of a system of cleaning and collecting waste from their inhabitants because it is not acceptable for human beings and creatures to live among mountains of garbage. Likewise also require large corporations to make more effort to produce their products more respectfully with the environment.
If you think it's worth sharing, go ahead. Thank you for reading the text to the end, I hope it has inspired you, and now you join to group of mother "Gaia" partisans.

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