Lycra fabrics and stretch fabrics.

Elastic fibers

The first elastics as such were developed from the sage of the rubber tree, it is a natural substance that can derive many kinds of products that need elasticity or impermeabrise to a true revolution in garments with elastic fabrics.ility. One of those products is rubber elastic thread, with which elastics were manufactured for a long time and still prevails in the use of elastic ribbons. However, it was from the appearance of synthetic fibers such as (Lycra) that gave 

What is Lycra

Lycra (Lycra) Spandex or Elastane, are synthetic fibers, man-made from non-organic materials. This fiber is a copolymer composed of polyurethanes, which depending on the composition and its filaments, will be called Lycra, Spandex, or Elastane.

It really should be called mesh or elastic fabric-garment when we want to refer to Lycra fabric-garments. but it is the most usual form that we use when we refer to elastic tights, about a tight and elastic dress that is used for dance classes, gymnastics, swimsuits or lingerie. These elastic garments are generally made up of synthetic fibers such as polyester or polyamide. Both elastic fiber (Lycra) and polyester or polyamide fibers are derived from chemical petroleum compounds. However, both polyester and polyamide can also be produced from the recycling of plastic products, with which they become more ecological and sustainable fibers. Not so in the case of (Lycra) which continues to be produced from a chemical process from oil.

(Lycra) is an American trademark registered by DuPont, and its origin dates back to 1958. (Lycra) came to revolutionize the world of clothing, creating new styles and concepts in clothing. The textile industry that has benefited the most from its services has been the textile industry focused on sportswear.

The fiber (Lycra) is found in its majority in composition with synthetic fibers for the production of elastic fabrics for the textile industry focused on sports, but, it is here that it is necessary to clarify that the fiber (Lycra) can also be combined with fabrics natural such as cotton, silk, wool or other organic fibers such as viscose.

If you want to know more about the origin of Lycra.


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